New Lego Incredible Hulk Set Coming In March

Looks like Lego is going to be releasing some more Marvel Lego sets, which is awesome news! There are four new sets coming in March and one is called Hulk Lab Smash and will come with the following minifigures: Hulk, Falcon (not sure why he would come with this set), Thor, Taskmaster, and an awesome looking big headed MODOK. See the pictures below:

3 thoughts on “New Lego Incredible Hulk Set Coming In March

  1. It’s awesome to see some new Hulk Legos, I’m. Little disappointed it doesn’t have a banner figure too. Since it is a lab smash. It would be cool to have both figures.

  2. Looks like this must be close to being released. The figures from the set are starting to show up loose on ebay, as are the full sets, if you’re willing to pay $100.00.

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