Incredible Hulk #39 Cover Original Artwork by Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews was the cover artist on the Incredible Hulk comic book in the early 2000’s and he did some amazing and unique covers, some instant classics like the cover based on Where the Wild Things Are and the cover in the style of Norman Rockwell and even a cover that looks like a box of cereal. For a lot of the covers, Kaare would do the pencils on comic board and then finish it with with colors on the computer. I was lucky enough to get the pencils for the cover to Incredible Hulk #39, very happy to add this original artwork to my collection. The funny thing is that the Latin he wrote never made it to the final finished cover. I would love to get the original artwork to the Where the Wild Things Are or the Norman Rockwell pieces, a couple of my favorite Hulk covers ever. Maybe someday. I used Google Translate to see what the Latin said and this is the best I could do. The words on the left translate to “Temp a calm woman’s inner child vogue”, the words on the right translate to “monster death in a savage ferocity orphaned prodigy” and the bottom translate to “death of”.

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