Exclusive Minimates Incredible Hulk with Iron Man Armor Action Figure

The number of Hulk Minimates continues to increase which is only good news. There was a recent direct to video release of an animated movie staring Iron Man and the Hulk called Heroes United (see my previous news story. If you bought the dvd, there was a mail-away for an exclusive Hulk in Iron Man armor just like in the movie. There was also a Hulkbuster that was available. This is neat in that it is based on a video and not a comic book. Love the Minimates figures.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive Minimates Incredible Hulk with Iron Man Armor Action Figure

  1. I also picked these up along with the DVD. Love the figures. My only complaint was that they came loose in plastic bags. I was hoping for some exclusive packaging that matched the DVD.

    By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, there is also a Thunderbolts Minimates box set which includes a red Hulk figure in it. The nice thing about the red Hulk figure is you can remove his body parts to turn him in to General Thunderbolt Ross, similar to the green Hulk figure that turns in to Banner they made not long ago. I picked up a set at my LCS last week.

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