Skottie Young Baby Planet Hulk Comic Convention Sketch: AWESOME

As I have said before, I am focusing a lot on Incredible Hulk original artwork but I do go to a few comic book conventions each year and get sketches from artists. I am focusing on Planet Hulk pieces in a sketch book and I get a one sketch from artists I like, except for one exception: Skottie Young. He has such a unique style that each piece is completely different than the next. I got a head sketch a few years ago at Heroes Con and the next year I was able to get on his color piece list. His Marvel baby covers have been a huge hit recently so I knew I had to get a baby Planet Hulk especially since I am sure no one has asked him to do that before. The comic shop that puts on HeroesCon does a small one day con in January every year called Charlotte MiniCon and Skottie was one of the featured guests. I drove out Saturday morning and stood out in some really cold, cold weather to make sure I was on the list. Skottie did not disappoint, he did an awesome job! Now the only question is what do I ask him to do for HeroesCon this summer for a Planet Hulk sketch in the book?

Baby Planet Hulk by Skottie Young

3 thoughts on “Skottie Young Baby Planet Hulk Comic Convention Sketch: AWESOME

  1. awesome piece! congratulations. would love to have a skottie young sketch in the future. how much does he charge for that type of piece? can’t wait to see your sketchbook completed. maybe you can publish it once completed

    • He was charging $80 for the pencil and inked pieces. Come on over to the States for a convention some time! Although I was talking to Skottie and he was mentioning potentially going to some conventions outside the US next year, not sure which ones he was talking about.

      • i wish i could but the only times we do get to go (like last December) is when the kids are on school break (i.e., non-comic book convention time). $80 is not bad at all given what others charge nowadays. wish he would accept at home commissions but most don’t.

        anyway, congratulations on that piece! you should have someone color a scan of it.

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