Did Marvel Have Plans for a Planet Hulk Movie at Some Point?

A few weeks ago, Josh Nizzi released images he had put together for the Thor: The Dark World movie. Josh is a graphics artist who has worked on a lot of Marvel movies (check out his website at www.joshnizzi.com). When Josh released images of some alien species that were not used in the beginning of the Thor movie, it caused a bit of a stir when there were two Planet Hulk related characters shown. The first and most important being Oldstrong Marauder/Oldstrong Misfit. The image looks exactly like Caiera the Oldstrong, the Hulk’s wife from the Planet Hulk storyline. The other image is called Kaifi Marauder which seems to be based off of Elloe Kaifi, one of the Hulk’s Warbounds.

I spoke with Josh about the two alien species and where the idea came to use them. He said that Marvel provided him with information and images on specific alien species that they wanted him to design for the intro scene and Oldstrong was one they said they definitely wanted. They didn’t end up using these particular designs but the fact that Marvel wanted Josh to design an Oldstrong makes me think that they were at least thinking about the potential of a future Planet Hulk movie. Marvel is good at putting little things here and there in movies so maybe there is still hope for a Planet Hulk in the future.

One thought on “Did Marvel Have Plans for a Planet Hulk Movie at Some Point?

  1. I was disappointed that Korg (or at least someone from the same planet) was so easily destroyed by Thor. It puts a dent on his toughness in case a Planet Hulk movie is made.

    It would be awesome if they do a PH movie. That would probably be one of the most entertaining movies you can do about the Hulk (next to WWH). A Hulk that can go all-out without the MoS comments.

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