Toy Fair 2014 Incredible Hulk Action Figure and Toy Pictures

Toy Fair 2014 is going on right now in New York and it is the yearly show where toy companies can reveal the toys that should be coming out in the coming year or so. And of course there are a ton of Hulk related toys, as there should be. The fair still has a few days to go so hopefully we will see some more Hulk stuff shown.

Marvel Infinites 3.75″ action figures: This is the Hasbro line that replaced the Marvel Universe line. Besides the Marvel Now Hulk that has already been shown in Wave 1, there will also be a Red She Hulk in Wave 2.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers
This line of interchangable action figure pieces and parts comes with some new waves, one of which includes a Red Hulk figure.

Mr. Potato Head Mixable Mashable Heroes
Well, looks like Mr. Potato Head has gotten into the game with dressing up as multiple heroes, including the Hulk.

2 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2014 Incredible Hulk Action Figure and Toy Pictures

  1. I like the new packaging – and the new Hulk figure does look all sorts of bad ass. Already with a 3″ Red Hulk, huh?

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