Help Bill Mantlo, Creator of Rocket Raccoon

I am sure by now you have watched the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy about 5 times already and the star of the trailer is of course Rocket Raccoon. Rocket was created by Marvel writer Bill Mantlo who was also a writer on the Incredible Hulk comic book. In fact, Bill wrote some stories that were used as the basis for some Peter David Hulk stories and he also inspired Greg Pak, who wrote the Planet Hulk storyine. What most people don’t know is that Bill was hit by a car while roller blading in 1992 and has permanent brain damage. It costs a lot of money for his family to care for him and now you can do your part to help him and also get a cool t-shirt in the process. Go to this link and buy this t-shirt and part of the money will go to Bill’s family to help pay for medical expenses: Help Bill Mantlo


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