Incredible Hulk Birthday Cake

So tomorrow is my birthday, I will be……..old and let’s leave it at that. We celebrated my birthday today since it is a lot easier. We usually go out to a restaurant for birthdays but since it was my choice, I decided to stay home and have a turkey, mashed potatoes (using heavy whipped cream, try them they will be better), corn and rolls. Yep, just like Thanksgiving. Yummmmmm. Anyways, my middle daughter likes to bake cakes so she made a homemade cake for me and of course she made a Hulk cake. I think she did an awesome job on it, the face reminds me of the Lego Hulk face. She even made the inside green and purple. The layer inbetween is a homemade chocolate layer like in Dairy Queen cakes. Best birthday cake ever! Thanks Madison!

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