More Pictures of Upcoming Sideshow Collectibles Incredible Hulk and Red Hulk Statues

I posted some information yesterday about the Red Hulk that Sideshow Collectibles is going to be put up for sale starting next week. We now have pictures of all the different versions of the Hulk and the Red Hulk. The Green Hulk version looks like it will have two heads, one based on Sal Buscema and one based on Herb Trimpe. The grey Hulk looks to have a removable orange shirt as an exclusive just like in his very first appearance. I was hoping that they would remove the bulging veins from the green and grey Hulks but it looks like they are there. Not really feeling either of the Green Hulk faces with the body but the Grey Hulk looks pretty good. I will have to wait til statues are actually delivered to decide if I am going to pick any of these up.

4 thoughts on “More Pictures of Upcoming Sideshow Collectibles Incredible Hulk and Red Hulk Statues

  1. So it looks like they’re using one pose to make three statues in three color variants (red, grey, or green), with two interchangeable heads for red and green. I have to agree that the grey looks to be the best of the three. Knowing the prices of Sideshow statues, looks like decision time if I really want one.

  2. Agree that the grey shows the most promise. The Sal version just doesn’t seem to fit with the pose and body type. Overall I think the original PF still stands out as the best

  3. has an update on the Rulk statue – preorder for $549.99. Not sure any of them impressed me enough to buy one at that price.

    • They are just not overpowering awesome enough to make me want to buy any of them at this point. The Planet Hulk statue blew me away and I am getting that. These, not so much especially with the price point and the fact they are just reusing the body exactly with just some different paint.

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