The World War Hulk on a Throne Statue That Almost Was

Sideshow Collectibles releases videos with sneak peaks of upcoming statues they are working on. One video showed a glimpse of a World War Hulk sitting on a throne sketch. Needless to say, this would have been completely awesome. Looks like it may have been based a bit off of the classic Finch cover of the WWH Hulk on a throne. Well unfortunately it will not be. A person from Sideshow came on Statue Forum and had this comment:

The sitting on throne piece was our original design, but done at 1:4 scale, that throne would be stupid big so we nixed it.

Wouldve been an awesome piece, not saying it FOR SURE wont happen in the future, but yah, opted out for standing.

Well, that’s a bummer. At 1/4 scale, this would have been huge and awesome!


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