Funko Mini Mystery Vinyl Bobble-head Incredible Hulk Figure

Okay, I have to admit that when bobble-heads started becoming popular back around 2008, I figured that it would last a year or so but Funko has really done a good job on keeping the concept fresh such as with the Pop! figures and now with some mini bobble-heads that come in blind boxes so you never know which figure you are going to get. The Hulk figure looks cool so glad to add it to my collection. I am sure they will do a Series 2 so hopefully they will have a grey version of the Hulk (please not the Red Hulk)

7 thoughts on “Funko Mini Mystery Vinyl Bobble-head Incredible Hulk Figure

  1. I still have to get this figure. It’s never occurred to me that they should do a Grey Hulk. I’d like to see one in the regular POP! line with a different head sculpt to reflect the Kirby Hulk.

  2. There is also a short-packed glow-in-the-dark version of Hulk in this series. Same sculpt, but he looks pale greyish in daylight.

    • I should be getting him in the mail hopefully by tomorrow. I do like the glow in the dark variant idea. Still have not found the Hulk and Agents of SMASH figure though in the stores.

      • The shake & smash one? If so, that’s surprising, because most of the retailers here (Wal-mart, Target, K-Mart, TRU) have had them for weeks now. If you’re talking the action figure line, I’ve not seen those anywhere yet either.

          • Funny thing is, I had pre-ordered one though BBTS along with an Infinite series Hulk, and they cancelled both of my orders because they said the items had been cancelled, but both are “in stock” on their site now. Worked out okay in the end, because I found both in stores and didn’t have to pay the extra shipping. I would think they should start showing up your way pretty soon if we’re seeing them here in WI.

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