Mark Waid Talks About New Hulk Comic Series at Wondercon Marvel Panel

Marvel had a panel at Wondercon with a number of their writers and artists which included Mark Waid. He spoke a bit on the new Hulk comic book series:

“The writer went on to say that Hulk fans are hard to please. “Hulk fans are lovely, but I don’t like them when they’re angry,” he said to laughs. “‘Hulk’ sets a whole new paradigm for Bruce Banner. … What we’re going to see for the time being, Hulk is always Hulk, but whenever he turns back to Banner, it’s going to be a slightly different Banner. It gives us a chance to let us look at what Bruce Banner wanted to accomplish all this time.” That includes his goal with the gamma bomb. Waid also said that Mark Bagley “brings the smash” to the comic.”

Mark also tweeted about hardcore Hulk fans being hard to please. I am thinking someone was being rude to him or something. I will say that as I have read the Incredible Hulk comic book for almost 40 years, that the character is pretty much a part of my family so I am protective of the character but regardless of how much you like a character, it is never reason to be rude to a writer or artist on any comic book. Respect is the word.

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