Mark Waid Discusses Hulk Comic Book and Renumbering interviewed Mark Waid about a number of topics which included the new Hulk book and renumbering. Here are some of what he said:

On the parallel between “Daredevil,” “Hulk” and his own life: I hadn’t thought about it in terms of Hulk, but you’re right — if you take the Hulk-goes-to-SHIELD analogy and map it to Mark-starts-Thrillbent, it really is the kind of same journey of, “I want to do something different. I don’t want my legacy to be what other people tell me to do all the time.” With “Daredevil,” it’s much more mappable in my head, because I’ve been no stranger about this, I’ve dealt with depression issues in the past and stuff, and I still do with that. But the first thing you have to come to realize is that it’s a chronic thing, like diabetes or any other long-term — it’s a chemical imbalance and illness. So, mapping that onto Daredevil, that he’s clearly got some depressive issues, but the way you deal with that is you make a conscious choice to get up every morning and live the best life you can. Nobody’s first thought in the morning is, “How do I make Jonah’s life better today?” It’s great if it’s their second or third thought, but only you have that responsibility. What I find heroic as a reader in fiction, especially in superhero fiction, is not watching characters wallow in their misery or wallow in the situations that they’re in, but rather, face them, move on and triumph.

On the possibly unnecessary renumbering of “Hulk” #1: That is not an unfair assessment. I will plead that these decisions are made above my pay grade, obviously. In this case, the thing we’ve been suffering with Hulk for the last year or so is that we had a different artist every nine pages, just through the fortuitousness of scheduling. Now that we have [Mark] Bagley locked down for the foreseeable future, it felt like if you’re going to restart, this is a good place to dig your heels in and say, “A standing creative team.” That did dictate, to some degree, that I do something a little different with the book so it feels like there’s a reason for it.

We all say we don’t want #1s, we don’t want relaunches, we don’t want reboots, but I know what sells — and when that stops selling and that stops getting your numbers back up, then DC and Marvel will find other ways of doing it. But as long as it works, as long as retailers are buying that way and fans are buying that way, it’s not going to stop. … My job is to make sure it reads like there’s a reason to do that.

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