Art Adams Planet Hulk Convention Sketch HeroesCon 2014

When I first heard Art Adams was coming to HeroesCon this year, I was super excited. His artwork is so detailed, you can look at it and always see something new. I was lucky enough to get on his list and he created a piece of art that is simply incredible. I was blown away when I opened my sketchbook and saw this looking at me. I look at it now and still can’t believe it is in my book. During the con, there was almost always a line of people at Art’s table and he would spend the time talking to each of them and signing probably a thousand books at least. Great experience for anyone who got a chance to meet him during the con, glad that HeroesCon brought him out this year, highlight of my con for sure. Looking at this, it is easy to understand why Art is considered a modern master artist. Art is so good at drawing huge monsters and creatures, he nailed the whole look and feel of the Hulk’s face. Look at the attitude in that drawing. Wow is all I have to say.

Art Adams Planet Hulk

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