Marvel Select Savage Hulk Action Figure

Marvel Select is releasing a new Hulk action figure called Savage Hulk. Not sure about the face, it looks a little off. And it probably would have looked better in a grey color, the face would have fit that color scheme better. Right now, it is only available on if you can’t wait for it to be available at Disney stores or other locations. Here is the information from Marvel’s website:

Since he was first introduced in 1962, the Incredible Hulk’s fame has grown by leaps and bounds. From the pages of his Marvel comic book, to the live-action TV series that made him a household name, to his defining role in Marvel’s The Avengers, the Hulk has grown from misunderstood monster to Hollywood hero. And now Diamond Select Toys has teamed up with to grant fans early access to an exclusive Hulk action figure!

From June 23 to July 7, will be the only place to order the Marvel Select Savage Hulk action figure, featuring an exclusive sculpt of the gamma-irradiated Avenger. The Savage Hulk figure wears a tattered outfit that harkens back to his origins, when nuclear scientist Dr. Bruce Banner was caught in an atomic blast and first transformed from a man into a monster.

Sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, who has previously sculpted figures of Hulk, Thor and Magneto for the Marvel Select line, this completely new figure stands approximately 9 3/4″ inches tall with 14 points of articulation. He will come packaged in the oversized Select-style blister card, perfect for in-package display, and with reference artwork on the spine for shelf storage.

3 thoughts on “Marvel Select Savage Hulk Action Figure

  1. First saw this over on Ratchet’s site. As I mentioned over there, I don’t mind the body too much; it reminds me of his look during the TTA years, but that face…. hopefully that is just the working model, and the actual figure looks better. But of course, I’ll need one regardless of how butt-ugly they make him.

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