Tom Brevoort and Mark Paniccia Discuss Avengers NOW Hulk Status Change

In a new interview with USA Today, Tom Brevoort and Senior Editor Mark Paniccia discussed what is going to be happening to the Hulk as part of the Avengers NOW changes that are coming up.

According to USA Today, Tony Stark’s use of the Extremis bio-technology to save Bruce Banner after a gunshot to his head gives the Hulk a super-intelligent brain, though causing “side effects.”

In August’s Hulk #5 by Gerry Duggan and Mark Bagley, the Hulk ponders his new situation and has an epiphany – he needs to apply his super-intelligence to rid the world of gamma energy, including gamma-enhanced beings like himself, which of course will put him at odds with other gamma-irradiated characters like the Red Hulk and She-Hulk.

“Some of these people are addicted to the power. They’ve been enhanced long enough that they’re used to it and don’t want to give it up,” Paniccia said. “Hulk fans love seeing big smash-ups and superhuman fights, so we’re going to have some pretty epic battles.”

2 thoughts on “Tom Brevoort and Mark Paniccia Discuss Avengers NOW Hulk Status Change

  1. So I’m guessing that means “Doc Green” is this new super-intelligent Hulk? I’m a little leery, but will take the cautiously optimistic approach (which is, I guess, no different that what we’ve had to do since before the Aaron run). While I agree they did get a little over-extended with all the gamma powered characters during the “Incredible Hulks” run, I hope they keep some of them around.

    • I hope they finally get rid of Red Hulk… they are also ending Thunderbolts so its the perfect time to dump him.

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