Jim Starlin to do Hulk vs Thanos Limited Series

It started out to be an arc in the current Savage Hulk limited series, but Marvel has decided to turn Jim Starlin’s story into a limited series called Hulk vs Thanos. How can it not be awesome. See more information below from comicbookresources.com

Marvel.com has revealed that Jim Starlin will pit the Green Goliath against the Mad Titan in a “Hulk Vs. Thanos” limited series later this year. CBR has confirmed with Marvel that the series is the same as the planned “Savage Hulk” arc by Starlin when the series was announced in March.

“A reader only has to know who the Hulk and Thanos are — which is just about anyone who knows the name Marvel these days. The story is self contained, even though it is part of the tale begun in ‘Thanos Annual’ and the ‘Infinity Revelation’ original graphic novel. Strangely enough, though, this story takes place before ‘Infinity Revelation,’ as did ‘Thanos Annual.'”

“Hulk Vs. Thanos” will center on Mark Waid’s “Indestructible Hulk” and features appearances by Pip the Troll, Annihilus, Iron Man and “certain members of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” spanning Earth, Starlin’s Bar and the Negative Zone.

Making “Hulk Vs. Thanos” into its own limited series instead of a “Savage Hulk” arc continues Marvel’s commitment to Thanos as a character — and it’s no wonder. Starlin’s “Thanos: The Infinity Revelation” original graphic novel was the top selling graphic novel for the month of August — and Marvel’s Tom Brevoort confirmed on his Formspring that the publisher “thought it would perform better” as a limited series.

“Hulk Vs. Thanos” debuts later this year

5 thoughts on “Jim Starlin to do Hulk vs Thanos Limited Series

  1. Most folks think that Thanos should curb stomp Hulk with no problem, but I disagree strongly. It come down to this- in hand to hand only Hulk wins no problem, but if Thanos uses all his powers then Hulk is in trouble. I’m just glad they are finally showing this and the whiners can’t say it’s PIS because it’s Jim Starlin himself who created Thanos who will write the story. I can’t wait for these issues and the good thing is Starlin does NOT hold back when it comes to fight scenes.

    • I believe that if Thanos uses all of his powers, aka energy blasts and brute force, he’s not gonna take down the Hulk. However, if he uses tech, prep, and his cunning intellect… then I can see the Mad Titan coming out on top. It also depends on the incarnation of the Hulk, as well.

      World-Breaker Hulk would annihilate Thanos straight out.

      Green Scar/Green King/World War Hulk would could put Thanos down in a straight out fight, but Thanos isn’t keen on taking on foes/threats that he can’t overcome with his powerset alone.

      Doc Green would be a nightmare/extreme challenge for Thanos due to the fact he would suspect Hulk not to have a IQ that’s great enough to challenge his own.

      But since this is Savage Hulk we’re dealing with, I have a feeling that we’ll get a conflict similar to Thanos vs. Power Gem wielding Champion. Hulk’s power & strength is greatly represented and respected, Thanos (at least in his mind) claims victory over a fight that doesn’t have a decisive victor.

      • I agree with everything you said 100%. I have MarvelFanfare # 20, 21 in which Starlin wrote and drew those issues which have a Thing vs. Hulk that was awesome. So I’m pretty sure he won’t short change us with that Thanos /Hulk fight.

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