Marvel Movie Phase 3 List But Still No Hulk Movie Announcement

Marvel had a big announcement today and listed all their upcoming movies through 2019 which is awesome…..except there is still no Hulk solo movie announcement. Which kinda sucks a lot. My only hope is that the Hulk will appear in the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie in some way. Sigh…..

6 thoughts on “Marvel Movie Phase 3 List But Still No Hulk Movie Announcement

  1. Very disappointing and we are going to have Inhumans before another Hulk movie? Just a very sad day for us Hulk fans, Marvel just doesn’t give a rats a$$ about Hulk just like in the comics. Well here’s hoping we get at least Guarding of Galaxy: Planet Hulk….but I seriously doubt that also. Marvel studios sucks big time for me now just like the comics. Hulk is just the Solomon Grundy of the Marvel comics. What happen to the American icon that he was?

    • True. There are so many places they can go with him. From his childhood, the battle that went on so long with him and Banner. Or even going into his head into the cave like in Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #13, 19, 20. Not to even mention how many time hulk has been in space. Yea he’s getting no respect. But as long as they make the comic I’m buying it.

    • This article may change your minds.

      Besides, Kevin Fiege and Marvel have stated that Hulk will be in a lot of the other films, not just the Avengers. If that is the case, I would love to see Hulk team-up with Thor. Imagine them battling against legions of monsters, demons, giants, trolls and everything else that the 9 Realms has to throw at them? Or how about Hulk fighting the Unspoken and the rest of the Inhumans only for Hulk to fight alongside them against the Unspoken and the forces of Thanos for the finale?

      There’s a lot of potential to be had here… and we could still get our Hulk solo films in the future, too!

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