Return to Future Imperfect Incredible Hulk Storyline?

In another mystery release of past Marvel events that may be revisited, Marvel released an awesome Future Imperfect image drawing amazingly by Dale Keown. Future Imperfect is of course the incredible story by Peter David and George Perez about a future world with a not so nice future Hulk. I’m not sure if any of these are actually going to happen but if there is another Hulk story drawn by Dale Keown, count me in!


2 thoughts on “Return to Future Imperfect Incredible Hulk Storyline?

  1. It would be cool if the Maestro brings together a multiversal army of Hulks to aid him in total conquest of the Marvel Multiverse. And it would be even cooler if he takes the power of the Beyonder. Can you imagine a being like Maestro with Omnipotent power? That’s freaking scary!!!

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