Argument For a World War Hulk Movie in Marvel Phase 4

The website Comic Vine has a great argument why Phase 4 of the Marvel movie universe should have a World War Hulk movie. I agree with the thinking and arguments, take a read and I am sure you will agree also: World War Hulk movie


2 thoughts on “Argument For a World War Hulk Movie in Marvel Phase 4

  1. Marvel studios will NOT entertain the idea of a Hulk film because frankly they don’t want Universal (they have distribution of all Hulk films) to get any money of a character that Disney/Marvel owns. I just wish Disney/Marvel would have the BALLS to just come and say it ( “HEY FANS WE DON’T WANT TO SHARE IN THE PROFITS SO NO HULK STAND ALONE FILMS”) instead of given fans hope like there’s a Hulk film coming out. In the end it’s always about the MONEY.

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