Lego to Release 3,000 Piece Avengers Helicarrier

Did you ever wonder to yourself what a Lego Helicarrier would look like? Well wonder no more! Lego is actually releasing a 3,000 pc Avengers Helicarrier! Wow, that is huge! See the pictures below of all it’s awesomeness. The Helicarrier set features 2,996 pieces along with 12 microfigures (so it won’t be sized for your other Lego Avengers minifigures) sized to fit into the detailed interior. It comes with all the gear you need to enact a bustling scene aimed at supporting your Lego superheroes. Fighter jets, Quinjets, forklift trucks, ground support vehicles, and two runways will keep you plenty busy. The finished Helicarrier sits on its own display stand and measures 31 inches long. Even though they don’t fit, there will be some Avengers minifigures along for the ride. The set includes Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Agent Maria Hill, making her Lego minifig debut. The set will be released in March for $350 but will be available in February for Lego Club members.

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