Avengers Age of Ultron Incredible Hulk and Iron Man Hulkbuster Mini Action Figure Set

The next Avengers movie is just around the corner and the toys keep coming! This is a set if mini action figures featuring the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man Hulkbuster armor. This is probably the smallest Hulk figure that they will be releasing for the movie, only 5 points of articulation. The sculpt is okay, can’t have a lot of detail due to the small size of it and lot the other main movie toys, it is geared towards small kids. The Hulkbuster armor is pretty cool, you can open it up and put in an Iron Man figure from another set. The only problem, similar to the problem I had with the other movie Hulk figure, is that he just doesn’t seem to want to stand up straight. I have to arrange his feet so that it looks like he is leaning over just so he wouldn’t fall over. Little frustrating. When I picked up this set from Target, there was also another smaller set of just the Hulk figure with a sub-ultron figure. The Hulk was exactly the same, even the pants color was the same. I am not collecting every single Hulk toy anymore and since the figure was exactly the same, I didn’t pick it up, just took a pic. If they had done anything to make it unique, I would have picked it up for sure.

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