Toy Fair 2015 Incredible Hulk News Part 1

Hasbro will have some Hulk figures:

6″ Marvel Legends 3-pack which will be exclusive to Target Stores. This set will include Doc Green, Vision (White) and a new comic based Ultron. (I think they mean Doc Green from the current Hulk comic series but he really should have a mohawk like he does in the comic book. Still cool to get another Hulk figure)

Infinite Series Avengers Wave 3 will feature a really cool looking Build-a-Figure Hulkbuster

Amazon Exclusive 6″ Marvel Legends Age Of Ultron Movie Figures which will feature a Bruce Banner figure that looks like Mark Ruffalo

Hulk Buster Smash Lego Set which looks to feature a new colored Hulk.

Besides the new Funko Hulk Avengers toys I posted earlier, they also showed four, yes four, versions of a Hulk in the Hikari line. One is a red Hulk so I won’t be getting that one but I am sure as heck going to try and get the other three.

Hopefully there will be some more Hulk related news as the Toy Fair continues.

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