Funko Pop! Age of Ultron Incredible Hulk Vinyl Bobble-head

A few years ago, a company called Funko started releasing these little bobble-heads with black, round eyes. Needless to say, they instantly became hugely popular and there are Pop! figures for every popular movie or tv show out there. With the Avengers Age of Ultron coming up, Funko has started to release their figures related to that movie. Found the Hulk at Target this week and strangely enough I didn’t see any of the other figures from the wave. This Hulk figure looks just as good as the first Hulk they put out. He looks even more angry than the first one, go out and get one now!

One thought on “Funko Pop! Age of Ultron Incredible Hulk Vinyl Bobble-head

  1. Picked mine up at my lcs this week as well. I really like these figures. And if you didn’t know, Hot Topic has an exclusive variant where Hulk is more greyish with red around his eyes, and Barnes and Nobles has an exclusive “Gamma glow” Hulk that glows in the dark.

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