Herb Trimpe, Artist on the Incredible Hulk Comic Book, Passes Away Today

When I was a 6 year old boy, I was very shy. Actually I would say extremely shy. I still remember walking down to our neighbors garage sale and buying Incredible Hulk #170 for a nickel and just being amazed at this green creature that had all this strength but just wanted to be left alone. I got completely sucked into comics and into the Hulk comic book. Herb Trimpe’s artwork was my first introduction to the world of Marvel comics and the Incredible Hulk. He drew the Hulk with anger, sadness, and every other emotion and I loved every page. He drew other comic books like GI Joe, Godzilla, and others but he will always be remembered for his incredible body of work on the Hulk comic book. Even though he wasn’t drawing too much anymore, he was still going to comic book conventions when he was able and glad to sketch and talk to any and all fans.

Herb Trimpe passed away today from a heart attack and the art world is at a loss for losing such a comic artist pioneer and great person.

One thought on “Herb Trimpe, Artist on the Incredible Hulk Comic Book, Passes Away Today

  1. MY condolence to his family and friends, may GOD comfort and bless all of you during this time. He is without a doubt one of the greatest Hulk comic book artist that has ever live and brought joy into my heart in the pages he drew of the Hulk. RIP and GOD be with you Herb Trimpe.

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