Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hellcat Action Figure

The latest wave of Legends figures is finally hitting stores and I was lucky enough to find a set at Target. Had to pick up this Hellcat figure as she was a Defender for quite some time, many times with the Hulk, so it needs to be added to my collection. A really nice sculpt except she is a little hard to get to stand up. It seems that a lot of the women Legends figures that I have gotten have a hard time standing straight. Still a good looking figure. Comes with pieces to a build of figure of Thanos of his head and one arm.

3 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hellcat Action Figure

  1. Lucky duck. This is the one other figure in the line I want besides the Hulk for the very reasons you stated. I haven’t seen her yet here, so I’m hoping my lcs will come through for me.

      • I’ll have to try hitting my stores early this weekend I guess. I think they’re also releasing a 3 3/4″ figure of Hellcat in the Infinite line, plus if you haven’t seen him yet, there is a classic Beast out in the Infinite line as he appeared when he was a Defender. Picked him up at Target last week. There are both a blue and a grey variant.

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