Avengers Age of Ultron Movie Review

So I went to see Avengers Age of Ultron opening night and the whole family goes as usual for every Marvel made movie. For me it was another great Marvel movie. I think I actually liked Guardians of the Galaxy better but still an overall great movie. It took about 20 minutes for me to get into the movie but then I was in fullboard. Ultron was a great villain and James Spader was a brilliant choice for the voice, it just dripped dread. He was never really quite evil, he was just doing what he thought was the logical thing to do, it just meant killing everyone, that’s all. There was plenty of action, humor, and just plain good story in the movie. Even though it was a movie with a bunch of different heroes, they were still able to fit some more character development into the movie, especially with Hawkeye and Black Widow. There was some romantic interest between Bruce Banner and Black Widow which was interesting and hope they explore further in the future. The only issue I had was there was not enough enough Hulk scenes in it. Granted the Hulk vs Hulkbuster scene was very cool (although not the ending that would really happen, let’s be honest) but the Hulk seemed to be all but missing in the final battle. Given his strength level, he should have been a major player in the final battle with Ultron. I know they were trying to focus on some of the new players but when you have an engine of destruction, you need to use him. Still a great movie that I plan on seeing again in the theater.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I remember sitting in between my two teenage daughters watching the movie and asking them, “where the hell is Hulk?!?” And as far as the Hulk vs. Stark battle, even though I loved how nervous Tony was during the fight there ain’t no way he was gonna KO the Hulk! I love Marvel and I’m not trying to be a “hater” but I had to write to them and express my discontent with their portrayal of him! I would’ve liked, actually I would’ve LOVED to see one Thunderclap during the final battle…why didn’t they give him that?

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