Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man Action Figure

Marvel Select, the division that makes very huge, heavy, and detailed action figures, is coming out with a Hulkbuster Iron Man figure. The figure looks cool but it is based off of the comic book version of the Hulkbuster, not the movie version. I think I would have preferred the movie version but it is still a cool looking figure that I will be sure to be picking up.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man Action Figure

  1. It is (or was as of this morning) available for preorder at Considering it is exclusive to them (and Disney store), you may want to order one while you can.

  2. The pre-order Hulkbuster is available again at the marvel store – just yesterday it was still showing as sold out, but they must have restocked so Ive ordered mine…

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