Target Incredible Hulk Action Figure Display for Avengers Age of Ultron Toy Line

The Target stores put up a display about a month before the Avengers Age of Ultron movie came out, I just forgot to post an image of it. The display includes a very cool 3D display of what looks to be a packaged Incredible Hulk figure busting out of the packaging. I asked the store if I could have this after the display time was up but I got one story that said they can not give them away, they have to throw them away and another story that they have to give them back to Disney. Either way, it is a huge bummer. I would love to have this display in my room with my actual action figures.


8 thoughts on “Target Incredible Hulk Action Figure Display for Avengers Age of Ultron Toy Line

  1. I asked at both my Target stores as well. I got super excited at the first store, because the employee told me they just throw them out, so I could leave my name and have it. But when I went up to the service desk to leave my name, they told me corporate makes them send them all back, which is the same response I got at the second store.

  2. Hey, Is that the Hulk Display that lights up, and says, “hulk smash” ? I got one, if you are still interested ?

      • I acquired this through legitimate actions. I first had do make multiple donations to United way, then win a raffle. About 180 should cover it. Plus shipping. Although Pick up would be a preferred choice. It is over 4 feet tall, and almost a foot deep.

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