Kevin Feige Talks Hulk Being in Captain America Civil War

A few weeks ago, a rumor was making the rounds that the Hulk would appear in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, helped by Robert Downey Jr saying that the Hulk would be in it.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Feige told io9 that Hulk may not appear at all — and, if he does, it will only be in a minor role. “[Hulk] is not a primary part of ‘Civil War.’ He may not be a part at all,” he revealed.

I am hoping he is just trying to surprise us.

New Contest of the Champions Comic Series Coming Staring the Maestro

Marvel will launch “Contest of Champions” this fall, a new comic book series based on the Marvel video game co-created by Kabam. According to CNET, writer Al Ewing (“Captain America and the Mighty Avengers”) and artist Paco Medina (“Nova”) will adapt the video game to the printed page in a comic that CBR News has confirmed takes place in Marvel’s post-“Secret Wars” continuity.

“Where are the trapped heroes stored when they aren’t fighting?,” asked Ewing, referring to the premise of the “Contest of Champions” game, in which players pit Marvel heroes and villains against each other in hand-to-hand combat. “And if they’re in a prison, do they try to escape?” Ewing says the comic will answer this question, and more.

The series will also be used to introduce new characters to the Marvel Universe, heroes that will also be added to the “Contest of Champions” game. This includes Guillotine, a character possessed of a magic sword that dates back to the French Revolution, who was created as part of a collaboration between “Contest of Champions’ developer Kabam and Marvel artists.

The cover art features Maestro, who’s depicted in a thumbs-out pose not unlike the emperor in “Gladiator.” An evil and older version of the Hulk, Maestro was originally created for the alternate timeline story “Future Imperfect.” The villain has made a comeback as part of “Secret Wars'” “Future Imperfect” series, and Marvel has already made it clear that that version of Maestro will stick around in the post-“Secret Wars” continuity.

Also depicted prominently are what appears to be a non-Flash Thompson version of Venom, as well as Gamora, who looks to have retained the powers she gained recently at the end of the “Black Vortex” events.


Sneak Preview Future Imperfect #2

Future Imperfect #2
(W) Peter David (A/CA) Greg Land

• But is it the BEN GRIMM we know and love under that rocky hide?
• What X-FACTOR member will show up as an unexpected ally of the rebels?

Item Code: APR150807
In Shops: 7/1/2015
SRP: $3.99

The Totally Awesome Hulk is the New Hulk Comic Series Coming After Secret Wars Event

Marvel finally released news on the new Hulk comic book coming out after the Secret Wars event (besides the Maestro book of course). Written by returning Hulk writer Greg Pak and drawn by Frank Cho, the book will be titled The Totally Awesome Hulk. had an interview with Greg and Frank:

Make the Hulk Totally Awesome. You’ll love him when he’s totally awesome.

Though the Hulk is all smiles following Secret Wars, it’s no joke. Marvel Comics will launch The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 this fall, from writer Greg Pak and illustrator Frank Cho. In the brand new series, the Marvel Universe will find itself with a jolly jade giant who isn’t Bruce Banner. And while this all-new Hulk loves being a gamma-irradiated juggernaut, the rest of Marvel’s heroes are less than thrilled.

Who is this Totally Awesome Hulk? According to Pak, readers will find out right in the first issue–but the mysteries won’t end there. Below, Pak and Cho chatted with about Totally Awesome Hulk’s potential identity, what’s going on with Bruce Banner, and what makes The Hulk totally awesome.

What makes this Hulk “Totally Awesome?” How will this title play into the story’s mission statement and goal? Also–I have to know who came up with that title.

GREG: I think our editor, Mark Paniccia, got a page of Frank Cho’s incredible art, yelled “TOTALLY AWESOME,” and that was it.

The title’s packed with hyperbole and hubris, which is pretty darn appropriate when you find out who this new Hulk actually is. I can say no more. Maybe I’ve already said too much! Mark, stop kicking me!

Greg, what’s it like to return to the Hulk almost four years after your extended run on the character? What convinced you that you had more Hulk stories to tell?

GREG: I had a tremendous time writing Hulk stories for 5 1/2 years. My editor, Mark Paniccia, gave me a huge canvas to tell an enormous story about love, anger, and family, and we were able to build to a huge, thematically resonant ending. So while I’ve had a few more Hulk stories running around in my head from time to time, I wasn’t pining to get back on the book. We did what we set out to do, and it was glorious.

But then a few months ago I got a call from Mark, who said three magic words that I can’t reveal here, and my head exploded. And here I am writing the Hulk again. But it’s an all-new Hulk with a very different new background and motivations, which is opening up crazy new stories and themes that I’d never imagined before. It’s totally in the grand tradition of the Hulk stories I’ve loved and contributed to for years. But it’s also entirely new. This is a huge opportunity and one of those gigs that I simply could not say no to.

Cool. Without going into spoilers, what will make this Hulk different from the pre-Secret Wars Hulk–other than being Totally Awesome?

GREG: The new Hulk absolutely loves being the Hulk. And that might create monumental problems for him and all the heroes and villains he comes into contact with.

Frank, what are you enjoying the most on your latest tour with The Hulk? Are you approaching the character any differently from before? If so, how?

FRANK: This project caught me off guard. When Marvel offered me the Hulk project, I naturally assumed, with my background in strong beautiful women, a new She-Hulk book. I was surprised when Axel told me it was the Hulk book, and he wanted me to partner with Greg Pak to completely rebuild the Hulk from the ground up. It was a no-brainer. I’ve always admired Greg’s writing and loved his stellar run on Planet Hulk. The thing that will separate our Hulk from the rest is the humor. From the start, Greg and I wanted to tell a high action adventure with lots of Kirby monsters and humor.

So how are you two learning from each other as comics storytellers? Greg, how has Frank’s art style influenced your scripting, and Frank, how has Greg’s writing style influenced your pencils?

FRANK: Greg is absolutely fantastic to work with. Not only is he a brilliant storyteller with big and clever ideas, he’s flexible and comfortable enough for me to inject my ideas into the mix. And the most importantly, Greg completely understands the comic book medium and gives me room to draw big fun action.

GREG: Frank is a legend and one of the very best in the business. He can do it all — big action, subtle emotional moments, huge slapstick and quiet deadpan humor. I’ve wanted to work with him for years and I’m thrilled we’re teaming up on this book in particular. Big adventure, big laughs, and big emotion. He’s got it all!

I’ve also had a blast talking with Frank about the characters and action and themes and everything else. I think I always work best when I have great creative partners to bounce things off of and build with. It’s been great working Mark and Axel while developing the story — and absolutely thrilling to see where Frank’s taking it all. I’ve always got Frank’s art in my mind as I write. I guess you could say I’m catering to his strengths. But, it actually feels more like his incredible strengths give me the freedom to go anywhere. I know he’s going to nail whatever subtle or big emotion I throw at him — and of course knock all the action way the hell out of the park. And Sonia Oback’s colors are the icing on the cake — just glorious, taking Frank’s energy, humor, and power to the next level.

How will The Totally Awesome Hulk factor into the All New, All Different Marvel? Will this new Hulk’s adventures carry a lot of sway in the Marvel Universe, or will he operate in his own little corner?

FRANK: The way the story is unfolding, Greg is doing a great job of allowing both to happen. I’m amazed at how Greg is weaving a story that stands on its own feet while tying it into the overall Marvel Universe.

GREG: The book will be entirely accessible to brand new readers and to folks who are reading only this book. At the same time, it will indeed be tied into the fabric of the ongoing Marvel Universe and will set some things in motion that will have pretty huge reverberations for many characters.

All right, look, I’m just gonna say it. It’ll be the most important book in the Marvel Universe. Buy ten copies. No wait, buy a hundred. Buy one thousand.

Who are you most excited to see Totally Awesome Hulk interact with? Will these characters help illuminate things about the new Hulk?

FRANK: I don’t want to give too much away but two of my favorite characters, She-Hulk and Spider-Man, drop in for a spell in the opening story.

GREG: There’s also a very important character who’s been mentioned in previous stories but who’s never actually been seen in a Marvel comic who makes her first appearance in our first issue. She’s our key supporting character and I love everything about her dynamic with the new Hulk.

And there’s an incredible villainess that we’re introducing here for the very first time.

How much will the Hulk’s mysterious identity factor into The Totally Awesome Hulk? Will that mystery fuel a lot of the story?

FRANK: Far as I know, there is no mystery. We tell who the new Hulk is, how he became the new Hulk and hit the floor running. Literally.

GREG: Like Frank says, there will be no mystery about the Hulk’s identity once the book hits — you’ll find out who the new Hulk is on page one. And it will indeed be totally awesome, and it will fuel everything that happens in the story.

But there will be a big mystery regarding exactly what happened to Bruce Banner. I love that guy and wrote stories about him for years, and we’ve got some pretty huge revelations about him coming down the pike.

Since Hulk is pretty good at one word sentences, how would each of you describe Totally Awesome Hulk in one word?

GREG: This Hulk actually’s got a pretty big mouth on him. So he probably wouldn’t limit himself to a single word. But I’ll go with an oldie but a goodie: INCREDIBLE. Because that beloved adjective is going to be entirely relevant: You won’t believe what we’re doing here.

FRANK: In a word- “Extraordinary”. Axel Alonso and Mark Paniccia did an extraordinary job of gathering extraordinary talents together for this project. Now I think about it, “The Extraordinary Hulk” has a nice ring to it.

Greg, what’s the current scope of your Hulk run? Are you planning on sticking around for an arc or two, or are you planning for another extended visit, like your last run?

GREG: I’d love to stick around a long time with this one. But that’s really up to our dear readers. The more you buy, the more I can write, so please do place those pre-orders with your local shops!

The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 hits comic shops and digital devices this fall.


Creaturebox Incredible Hulk and Villains Jam Page

A couple years ago, I started a jam page on a comic book art page by the Creaturebox team. They do video game design and make awesome robots and monsters! Check out their website now and buy their art books! CREATUREBOX This year they finished out the villains page and did an incredible, incredible job. They took the Hulk villains and drew them in their own unique style. The different busts just burst off the page.

hulk villains jam

My HeroesCon Adventure for 2015

Yet another interesting adventure at HeroesCon, still the best comic convention out there in case you didn’t already know that. It’s the oldest comic book convention at 33 years and is run by Shelton Drum in Charlotte, NC. This is the one con every comic fan should attend. Just about the the comics, the artists, and the fans.

Left Raleigh about 2:30 am Friday morning for the drive to Charlotte. Was sixth in line and met a real good friend from Columbus, OH who drove down with his son. Great catching up with him in person and just a great time talking to people I only see at Heroescon. Standing in line in the middle of the night is a tradition for some of us even when we don’t need to be there that early.

When the show opened, I went to Skottie Young’s line since he didn’t seem to be doing as many sketches per con like he has before. I decided to start a new book along side my Planet Hulk book (two books, less stress) with various Hulk incarnations. Asked Skottie for a Joe Fixit Hulk to star the book off. Hopped over Creaturebox team and asked them to add two more villain headshots to my Hulk jam page. If you are not familiar with these guys, you need to check them out and get them to do something for you. They are awesome and cool as heck. Go to their website at and check out their work! Tried to get on Mark Brooks list but he wasn’t taking one this con, still working on some prior obligations. If you ever go to a con with him at it, just stand at his table and watch him work. Jumped over to Dave Johnson and he wasn’t there but I dropped the Planet Hulk book off with the team working the booth and paid the money. Then off to Stephane Roux to get on his list for a piece in the new book once Skottie was done with it. Now that the names were placed, went over to say hi to some other artists I know. I also started getting some texts from my middle daughter. Thursday night, she was getting some bad cramps and we all thought it was just that certain time of the month. Well, I guess she ended up throwing up early morning and the cramping was even worse. Really bad. I was in Charlotte and my wife was near Charleston and was heading back. We had a friend take her to the emergency room and after many tests, they found out that she had a cyst on an ovary and that it has ruptured. They called for an ambulance to take her to the bigger hospital for surgery immediately. My wife got there just as they were putting her into the ambulance and called and told me what was going on. I quickly found my friend (JadeGiant) and asked for his help. I went to all the artists and told them someone else would be picking up the books. I paid Creaturebox but Skottie’s rep would not take the money early just in case Skottie would not get to it. I jumped in the car and made the drive back home and she was already out of surgery by the time I got there. Everything went fine, she had about 3 cups of blood in her stomach from the rupture but everything was good now and they sent her home Friday night. She just needed to go home and heal up. Saturday morning, the entire family was telling me to go back to the con as they all know it is my one con event of the year for sketches. After seeing that my middle daughter was doing better (with some help from pain meds), I decided to go back after they would not stop telling me to go.

Got back and saw JG who had picked up my new book from Skottie and paid for the sketch (thanks a ton JG!) and talked to the Creaturebox guys to let them know what was going on as JG had been keeping the artists up to date. JG had already picked up my jam page and had paid for them to finish the page out. (thanks yet again JG!!!). The art is amazing. Did I mention you need to get something from these guys? For the rest of the show Saturday I was at the information book on the con floor as I had previously signed up to volunteer and I wanted to live up to my commitment. It was actually pretty fun. That evening was the auction and that was a blast. The Mark Brooks White Queen piece went for $15K which was a new con record. The crowd was going crazy as the bidding jumped up in increments of $1K each time. Very fun event.

Next day picked up my Dave Johnson book and the piece looks great and is a great add to the book! Love his covers. Talked to Stephane Roux about being on his list again next year. Thanked Art Adams again for the Planet Hulk piece he did for me last year. A really great guy. Spent the rest of the morning with JG and his son and getting a gift for each of my girls. Last three hours volunteering at the info booth again. Con attendance was definitely up from last year and a lot more cosplayers than normal. Great con, another intense experience. Can’t wait to see what happens next year. If you have never gone to Heroescon, you should try to make it out at least once.

Did I mention you should all attend this comic convention?