More Information on New Hulk Book Coming

Marvel Editor Axel Alonso gave some more info about the Hulk book coming out after Secret Wars, take a look below:

“One thing I’ll reveal is that we’re going to be unveiling an all-new Hulk. Not Bruce Banner, but an all-new Hulk. An all-new Hulk, unlike you’ve seen before. A character whose silhouette and reveal is likely to inspire the same kind of reactions from a certain segment of the population who hated the new Thor, [Laughs], who thought that the world was ending, but who ultimately came around to loving the new Thor.

I have every confidence that people will embrace the new Hulk and that question will be answered about Bruce and where he is. It is a natural, organic story. It’s not a stunt; it’s a story. The identity of this character is fascinating. Who he is, what it means to be Hulk, it’s an entirely new story that I think will be inviting to new fans and interesting to a whole new segment of readers and fascinating to old fans, because this is the world in which Bruce Banner lives as well. So we’ll be doing that.”

Interesting, not really sure what to make of this. Rumor has it, more will be shown tomorrow.

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