Is Thor the new Awesome Hulk? No Way

During the Marvel talk at SDCC this weekend, they showed an updated image of the upcoming Totally Awesome Hulk except the blacked out section looks different, pretty much exactly like Thor. No way is the new Hulk going to be Thor, I think Marvel is just playing games with us. This is what they did have to say:

“I had an amazing time writing Hulk stories for Marvel for about five-and-a-half years,” Pak said. “I had a tremendous run, working with Mark Paniccia, my editor. I thought I was done — but then they pulled me back in. I got a call, and Mark said three magic words that I cannot reveal here, and there was no way I could say no.”

“We’ve got a new Hulk,” Pak continued. “Let the speculation begin. When the book comes out, the big mystery is not ‘who is the Hulk.’ We’re going to tell you on Page 1. The mystery is, ‘Where is Banner? What happened to Banner?'”


One thought on “Is Thor the new Awesome Hulk? No Way

  1. I think they’re just messing with us. There will probably be a whole series of these with different heads attached to keep us guessing until the big “reveal” (of which all signs point to Amadeus Cho).

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