Marvel 500 Incredible Hulk PVC Figures

I was shopping at Target when I saw another set of blind packaged Marvel superhero figures. These are called Marvel 500. Why are they called Marvel 500? I have no idea. These are pretty basic pvc figures, a little over one inch in height. The set at Target was Series 1 but I looked on eBay, it looks like there is always a series 2 out. Series one has a regular green Hulk and a translucent Hulk. The second series has a grey Hulk and even cooler, a Planet Hulk figure. There was a Red Hulk in the first series but I decided not to get it. Pretty neat and affordable, I hope they continue the line and have more variations of the Hulk.

3 thoughts on “Marvel 500 Incredible Hulk PVC Figures

  1. The story I saw a while back when these were first announced mentioned the 500 may be alluding to the number of figures in the line by the time they are done. I’ve been picking these up on ebay, too; way easier than buying blind packs (of which I have tried to do too many times in the past). Here’s hoping for some Hulk villains in the future.

      • Yeah, but if they do multiple color variations of one figure, they would only need to do 160-200 characters to reach 500. The ones I bought came with cards for figures in both series, and I noticed it looks like that’s the plan. There was a even color variant figure for the Falcon called “Blackwing”, whom I’ve never even heard of.

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