New Maestro Secret Wars Minimates Action Figure

Not sure how I missed this announcement but it looks like there will be a second Maestro Minimates action figure. How cool is that! This Maestro is based off of the Secret Wars event going on in Marvel Comics. It gets released in December and comes with an Old Man Logan figure, which is cool also.


6 thoughts on “New Maestro Secret Wars Minimates Action Figure

  1. Hi, Steve. More Minimate news to share. Walgreens will be having a Captain America/Hulk set with interchangeable parts(?). I’ve not seen these in stores around here yet, but they are starting to pop up on ebay. Also, Toys R Us has an exclusive War Machine/Bruce Banner AoU set which is currently up for sale on their website, in addition to the AoU Klaue/Hulk and Hulkbuster/Rampaging Hulk sets (not TRU exclusives).

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