The Totally Awesome Hulk is Amadeus Cho

If you’ve been reading Hulk comic books for awhile, it is really not too big of a surprise that Amadeus Cho was just announced as the new Hulk. Still not sure of Bruce not being the Hulk but Greg Pak did amazing things with Planet Hulk so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and read it with a completely open mind. Greg did an interview with Entertainment Weekly so take a look here: Greg Pak Interview and Axel Alonso spoke with Comic book resources about the reveal here: Axel Alonso interview .

5 thoughts on “The Totally Awesome Hulk is Amadeus Cho

  1. Honestly -I’m not happy about this -BANNER is and always will be the HULK for me- if it’s not Banner it’s a fake hulk,I wish Pak and Cho lots of luck on the title but after collecting/reading the HULK title for over 35 years I’m off the book.

  2. I’m going to keep an open mind on this. Hulk is the one book I pick up and read no matter what. It’s Greg Pak so I’m confident it’ll be pretty good. He’s also doing an awesome job on Action Comics right now.

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