Walgreens Exclusive Incredible Hulk Minimates Action Figure

Walgreens seems to be getting more and more into toys with some other exclusive Marvel Legends action figures. They will also be getting an exclusive wave of Minimates figures which will include a different colored version of the Hulkbuster (which I will need to get of course). As a warm up to that set, they have a 2-pack exclusive set with Captain America and a new Hulk. Hulk looks great of course, comes with a change out head that features a smiling Hulk. Of course that smile looks a bit not trustworthy to me. The box says mix and match parts so not sure if they are wanting the kids to mix the Captain America and Hulk parts or what? Maybe trying to show how fun the figures can be for little ones? Anyways, as always, very glad to get another Hulk minimates figure!

3 thoughts on “Walgreens Exclusive Incredible Hulk Minimates Action Figure

  1. That smile says, “Hulk just smashed Loki really good.” I haven’t jumped into the world of Hulk Minimates yet. Roughly how many different ones have they made?

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