Pak and Cho Talk Totally Awesome Hulk

Greg Pak and Frank Cho were at the Baltimore Comic Convention this weekend and discussed the upcoming Totally Awesome Hulk:

“Amadeus Cho is the new Hulk,” Pak said as he recreated the call the first time he found out. “Sign me up!” Pak continued by saying, “Amadeus is a cocky kid. Where Bruce hated being the Hulk, he sees it as an opportunity,” and that being the Hulk “is the best thing ever” for Amadeus. “You’re also going to find out how Amadeus got this power in the first place,” added Pak. Bruce Banner was also mentioned in the panel with Pak saying that he loves the character because he wrote him for so many years. “What is interesting about this new status quo is that it opens up very interesting story for Bruce Banner,” Pak said. “What happened to Bruce is a mystery, but the upcoming arc takes his story to another level. You’re going to see what also happened to Bruce in ‘Totally Awesome Hulk.’ There’s definitely some cool stuff in the works.” Cho also recalled when he was called to do ‘Totally Awesome Hulk.’ “I just wanted to work with Greg and the Hulk.” Cho continued that drawing this version of the Hulk is very different from previous versions. “It’s a slippery slope. You can’t go ‘too much’ when you draw Asian characters, especially with the physical characteristics, it almost becomes a stereotype caricature. So I actually use myself, my face as reference a lot. I took a lot of selfies.”

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