Happy 80th Birthday Sal Buscema

Happy 80th Birthday to Sal Buscema, who I consider to be the definitive Incredible Hulk artist. I was first introduced to the Hulk in issue #173 with art by Herb Trimpe but it was the books drawn by Sal in issues 200-225 that I considered set the standard for how the Hulk should look. The shear strength and power and smashing that Sal was able to put into his pencils is simply amazing. If anyone ever asks me to describe the Hulk, those images are always the first ones that come to my mind. Sal did many other Marvel books but he forever left his presence known as one of the top Hulk artists to ever be on the book. Happy birthday to an artist who really did impact my life. The image below is a self-portrait Sal did a little bit ago.

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