Mark Ruffalo Talks “Solo” Hulk Movie Through Other Movies

Yes, we all want a Hulk solo movie, the whole world wants a solo Hulk movie but it just isn’t going to happen yet. But we may get a “solo” Hulk movie via other movies. Mark Ruffalo was talking to Yahoo and talked about the situation:

“Ruffalo said that while he still wants to do a solo Hulk movie, those rights are tied up with Universal. However, “we’ve worked a really interesting arc into Thor 3, Avengers 3 and 4 for Banner that I think will – when it’s all added up – will feel like a Hulk movie, a standalone movie,” said Ruffalo.

Age of Ultron brought a tremendous emotional reckoning for Hulk, and even though there’s not a “big” moment—he doesn’t kill or anyone or anything like that—he does realize he needs to be cut off from the world because he still doesn’t know how to be a part of it. That’s a story that could definitely require three movies to tell because clearly the first two Avengers movies didn’t solve Banner’s problem of how to be part of a team or control “the other guy.”

3 thoughts on “Mark Ruffalo Talks “Solo” Hulk Movie Through Other Movies

  1. The sensation of a standalone movie IS NOT ENOUGH! I want a new Hulk movie and a new Hulk tv show. I want to see more Bruce and Betty romantic moments, and not have them RUINED. I’m just sick of the way Marvel Studios has been handling pairings lately………. Ugh……….

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