IDW Herb Trimpe Incredible Hulk Artist Edition Book

Publisher IDW starting a series of books a few years ago called Artist’s Edition where they reproduce issues of comic books with the actual artwork from the artists that were used in making the original comic books. As a comic book fan who collects original artwork, I have to say this is a really cool idea. IDW has finally gotten around to doing a Herb Trimpe Incredible Hulk edition with Incredible Hulk issues #127, 131, 134, 146, 147, 153, and 156. This includes some classic early Hulk comics like the trial of the Hulk and the Hulk in Jarella’s world. It is just so cool to see the pencils and ink and even artists notes scrawled on the side of some pages. If you are a fan of the Hulk, you need to get this book. I can sit and just look and stare at the artwork for hours. I really hope that IDW is planning on doing a Sal Buscema version because that would be even more awesome.

2 thoughts on “IDW Herb Trimpe Incredible Hulk Artist Edition Book

  1. They had the Sal Buscema Artist Select Series book out back in December. Also, I was at my LCS today, and the manager who knows me pretty well wanted to make sure I saw in Previews that there is going to be a Artist Select Series Herb Trimpe edition as well, in case I wanted to order one.

    • Unfortunately the Buscema book is just some stories reproduced with new coloring, not the original artwork. I still need to pick it up but I am hoping they are able to do an original artwork version at some point.

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