Marvel Superhero Mashers Micro Incredible Hulk Figure

The Masher figures seem to be a pretty good success for Hasbro, where you can take different parts of heroes and villains and put them on another character. Now they have come out with micro versions where the characters are squished down to mini size. The parts from the mini figures will actually fit on the larger figures also. The Hulk comes is a set vs Loki, I guess so you can re-enact the classic scene from the first Avengers movie. He also has an enlarged fist for some reason. Like the recent Lego mini Hulk figure, I love that they are putting expressions on the Hulk’s face. I kinda like this little Hulk figure. There is an Anti-Venom single figure that comes with the Red Hulk head but I just can’t get myself to pay for it so if anyone has it that wants to donate it to me, just let me know!

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