North Carolina loves the Hulk!!!

Ranker recently did a poll asking people who their favorite superhero is and they took the 84,000 votes that were entered and broke it down to what was the top hero in each state. I should note that the favorite hero for where I live is the Hulk. How awesome is that. So great to see also that there are 5 states in total that like the Hulk more than any other Marvel character. Here is the total list below:

Alabama: Wolverine

Alaska: Iron Man

Arizona: Wolverine

Arkansas: Hulk

California: Spider-Man

Colorado: Gambit

Connecticut: Spider-Man

Delaware: Spider-Man

Florida: Deadpool

Georgia: Thor

Hawaii: Spider-Man

Idaho: Iron Man

Illinois: Wolverine

Indiana: Iron Man

Iowa: Wolverine

Kansas: Captain America

Kentucky: Spider-Man

Louisiana: Spider-Man

Maine: Deadpool

Maryland: Wolverine

Massachusetts: Spider-Man

Michigan: Captain America

Minnesota: Spider-Man

Mississippi: Wolverine

Missouri: Deadpool

Montana: Captain America

Nebraska: Doctor Strange

Nevada: Punisher

New Hampshire: Hulk

New Jersey: Spider-Man

New Mexico: Wolverine

New York: Captain America

North Carolina: Hulk

North Dakota: Spider-Man

Ohio: Captain America

Oklahoma: Spider-Man

Oregon: Wolverine

Pennsylvania: Iron Man

Rhode Island: Captain America

South Carolina: Thor

South Dakota: Deadpool

Tennessee: Colossus

Texas: Spider-Man

Utah: Deadpool

Vermont: Hulk

Virginia: Captain America

Washington: Spider-Man

West Virginia: Wolverine

Wisconsin: Hulk

Wyoming: Wolverine

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