Civil War II: The Fallen Comic Book Deals with the Hulk’s Death

Hope it is not spoiling it for you but Bruce Banner was killed in Civil War II: #3 which was kept a kinda poorly held secret before it’s release today. Marvel solicited a comic book called The Fallen with no information but now they have released the following info:

Longtime “Hulk” scribe Greg Pak is writing the issue with “All-New X-Men’s” Mark Bagley on art duties. Along with the main cover by Leinil Yu, “The Fallen” variant covers by Mike Del Mundo and Hulk co-creator Jack Kirby have been unveiled.

“The Hulk family — including Amadeus, Rick, Jen, Skaar, Betty, Ross, and the Warbound — are the folks who knew Banner the best — and each will respond to his death in his or her own way,” Pak said of “The Fallen.” “And yes, they’re a family, so we’ll see them grapple with all of this together, for better or for worse.”

As for “The Accused,” writer Marc Guggenheim and artists Garry Brown & Ramon Bachs are set to offer up the story of Hawkeye’s trial in the fallout of his murder of Banner. The one-shot sees Hawkeye enlist the help of Matt Murdock (a.k.a. Daredevil) to serve as his prosecutor.

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