Planet Hulk Sketches From HeroesCon

My annual pilgrimage to HeroesCon and got some amazing sketches for my Planet Hulk sketchbook. I was able to get on Terry Dodson’s sketch list as this was his first time at Heroes. He always gets requests to do women characters so of course I had him do a Planet Hulk. Sean Galloway aka Cheeks has a cool animated style so got him to do a sketch in the book. Alan Davis is comic book royalty and I waited in line for 4 hours to get a sketch by him and it was so worth it. The prize is a sketch by Nick Bradshaw, also his first time at HeroesCon. The amount of detail he puts into his sketches is incredible. I can look at this sketch for hours.

Carnage Hulk Minimate Figure

In the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, parts of the Carnage symbiote were scattered across the city and one of them attached to the Hulk, creating the Carnage Hulk. Never say no to another Hulk Minimate figure.

The Leader Minimate

There is a new Leader Minimate figure and I have to say I like this version better than the old version. This was in a Wal-Greens exclusive set that included Bruce Banner’s Hulkbuster figure. Definitely worth picking up.

Bruce Banner’s Hulkbuster Armor Minimate

In the Avengers Assemble cartoon, there is apparently an episode where Bruce Banner’s gamma radiation is drained so he creates his own Hulkbuster armor to help the Avengers. Good use of the Hulkbuster armor mold and bonus points for having a cool Bruce Banner figure underneath that has Stark tshirt on it. Great addition to the Hulk minimates collection. This is part of a set with the Leader and is exclusive to Wal-Greens.

Eaglemoss Planet Hulk Mini Statue

Eaglemoss is releasing a Planet Hulk mini statue for their Marvel line and I have to say it is amazing! The design is based on the actual comic book, not the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie so it’s nice to get a mix between the two for merchandise. Cost is $34.99, well worth it for me. Here is the product info:

Product Description

The Marvel Comics Fact Files is a weekly publication that builds up to create a fantastic in-depth guide to the Marvel Universe, packed with information on all the heroes and villains, their weapons, vehicles and technology!

Every issue features original cutaway artwork that reveals hidden secrets, detailed profiles of characters, a history of the teams, and a timeline of Marvel’s greatest battles, plus inside information about the history of Marvel Comics.

The Marvel Fact Files Specials continue with the Hulk from his appearance in the acclaimed miniseries Planet Hulk. The figurine stands at approximately 7 inches tall on a Marvel branded base and comes complete with a 20-page magazine detailing the character’s long publishing history.

Product Features

7 inches (17.80cm)
20 pages
From the Planet Hulk Mini Series
In-depth guide to the Marvel Universe
Features original cutaway artwork, detailed profiles of characters, history, and timline


1st Look Gladiator Hulk BAF Build a Figure from Thor Ragnarok Legends Line

The full line of Thor Ragnaork Legends figure has been released and as rumored, the BAF is a Gladiator Hulk. And I have to say that it looks awesome, the detail on the sculpt looks perfect, I am hoping that the Hulk is taller than the other figures to show how massive he is. Bummed that I will have to figure out how to get all the pieces but I have to say this figure looks pretty dang incredible.


Hulk Related Toys for Thor Ragnarok Movie

Thor Ragnarok is getting closer and saw more information on merchandise is coming out. Here are a few Gladiator Hulk toys that have just been announced. The Hulk hands are just the same hands with one of them looking like Gladiator Hulk but who cares, they look cool!

Smash into action with this 13-inch electronic HULK figure! With the push of a button, kids can hear HULK’s signature phrases and sound effects. This electronic HULK figure recognizes and interacts with the electronic THOR figure (sold separately). Includes movie-inspired gladiator deco and battle accessory.

HULK SMASH! Battle like the HULK with a pair of SMASH FX FISTS armed with gladiator deco. The right fist includes accelerometer technology that can detect different movements and responds with sound effects. Kids can move the right fist up and down for certain action sound effects or repeatedly smash a surface to increase the sound of Hulk’s roar.

Kids can easily pretend to transform into the mighty HULK with this chin-activated mask! The mask has movable eyebrows and mouth so kids can change HULK’s expressions. The wider kids open their mouth, the angrier HULK appears!

Marvel Legacy Posters Including Hulk

Marvel has released some GIF images in relation to the upcoming Legacy storyline that will see classic versions of their characters come back (Come on back Bruce Banner and the original Hulk!!!!!!). They are taking classic covers and re-imagining them. For the Hulk, they took a Ladronn Planet Hulk storyline and Mike Deodato did a cover with the Cho-Hulk. There were also a couple other covers for that took a classic Hulk cover.

Click on each image to see the original and the new covers.