Marvel Legacy Posters Including Hulk

Marvel has released some GIF images in relation to the upcoming Legacy storyline that will see classic versions of their characters come back (Come on back Bruce Banner and the original Hulk!!!!!!). They are taking classic covers and re-imagining them. For the Hulk, they took a Ladronn Planet Hulk storyline and Mike Deodato did a cover with the Cho-Hulk. There were also a couple other covers for that took a classic Hulk cover.

Click on each image to see the original and the new covers.




One thought on “Marvel Legacy Posters Including Hulk

  1. I wish they would let us know if our Hulk is back to stay. I used to love Cho. He was awesome. But he was forced on us as a new Hulk, and now I can’t stand him. Haven’t bought a comic since Secret Wars II went to hell.

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