Gladiator Hulk Funko Toy News

Funko has released images and information on their multiple toys for the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie and there are a bunch of Gladiator Hulk figures!!! Take a look below!

Funko Pops: There will be three Hulk related Pop Figures. The Gladiator Hulk with helmet and hammer, the Gladiator Hulk without helmet and with sword that will only be available at Wal-Mart, and a Bruce Banner that will only be at Toys-R-Us.

Dorbz: There will be three versions of the cute but deadly Hulk Dorbz figures also: The Gladiator Hulk with helmet which is limited to 5,000 pieces, Gladiator Hulk without helmet only available at Wal-Greens, and Gladiator Hulk in relaxed wear only at Books a Million.

Mystery Minis: Different stores will get different sets of the Mystery Minis. The Hulk related figures include Gladiator Hulk in helmet, relaxed wear Gladiator Hulk, Bruce Banner and I’m not sure if the insect looking creature is the movie version of Miek from the Planet Hulk storyline.

Keychains: Two keychains of the Mystery Minis: Gladiator Hulk and relaxed wear Gladiator Hulk.

Plush: There will also be a plush Gladiator Hulk

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