Thor Ragnarok Weapons and Costumes Including Hulk Hammer and Axe From Fan Expo

I was lucky enough to get to go to Fan Expo Toronto this weekend and Marvel had a display of costumes and weapons from the movie including Hulk’s axe and battle hammer. It was very cool to see the pieces that close up and it has made me even more anxious to see the movie. Besides Hulk’s weapons included the costumes and weapons included Thor battle arena costume and swords, Hela costume and headdress, Loki costume, Skurge costume and axe, Grandmaster costume, Valykrie costume and daggers. Of course I had to get a picture taken of myself with the Hulk’s weapons. If only they let me pick them up….. Along with myself, my Gamma-brother Jade Giant from was also able to attend. Always great to geek out about Hulk stuff with another fan and friend. Take a look and enjoy!

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