Brazil Based Gladiator Hulk Mini-Bust

Looks like there is a company in Brazil that is doing official Thor Ragnarok mini-busts of Hulk, Thor, and Loki. They look pretty cool but can’t find any information to see how big it is but looks to be on the smaller size. Hulk bust looks pretty cool though.

Gladiator Hulk Heroclix Figure From Thor Ragnarok Movie

Looks like Wizkid is releasing a wave of Heroclix figures for the Thor Ragnarok movie and of course there is a Gladiator Hulk figure. He will be a common figure so he shouldn’t be too hard to find. They were supposed to release in October but given I don’t see any up on eBay yet, looks like they haven’t dropped yet. If you are into collecting smalls, this is a good figure to pick up.



Planet Hulk Heroclix

It’s always good to have friends that help your addiction. Guy at work dropped this off at my desk today, it’s the 4 character Heroclix from Planet Hulk that features the Hulk of course along with Korg, Miek, and the Savage Surfer. I could never get this when it first came out since it was going for a pretty high price. I am always happy to get anything Planet Hulk related.



Funko Marvel Collectors CorpsTo Feature Hulk Specific Box For December

Marvel Collector Corps is a blind box from Funko that comes out every two months and features various exclusive Funko items. They always include a comic with a Funko cover, a pin and patch, usually a t-shirt and a couple exclusive POP or Dorbz figures. This has been around for a couple years and they are finally having one box just for the Hulk!!!! Woot! You can pre-order here MCC . I’m hoping we can finally get a Joe Fixit Hulk or another incarnation. The Hulk specific items in the previous boxes have been pretty slim (not sure about the upcoming Thor Ragnarok box yet) so this is great news! Cost is $25 plus shipping so well worth the value.