Gladiator Hulk Heroclix Figure From Thor Ragnarok Movie

Looks like Wizkid is releasing a wave of Heroclix figures for the Thor Ragnarok movie and of course there is a Gladiator Hulk figure. He will be a common figure so he shouldn’t be too hard to find. They were supposed to release in October but given I don’t see any up on eBay yet, looks like they haven’t dropped yet. If you are into collecting smalls, this is a good figure to pick up.



One thought on “Gladiator Hulk Heroclix Figure From Thor Ragnarok Movie

  1. Surprised you didn’t see any on ebay. They’ve been showing up for the last week or two. There are actually two Hulk figures (003 and 008). They are both the exact same sculpt, so unless the clix feature for playing the figures are different, the only differences I see are the number on the base and what’s on the cards that come with the figures.

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