Marvel Teaser Trailer for No Surrender Showing Hulk Returning

Marvel hinted that the original Hulk was coming back with the upcoming No Surrender storyline and there are definitely some people who are doubting it will actually happen. Marvel just released a teaser trailer for the No Surrender storyline and if you wait til the very end of the video, it looks like it is pretty clear that the Hulk is coming back. It’s about time.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Teaser Trailer for No Surrender Showing Hulk Returning

  1. Of course they’re bringing him back in a title that is completely unrelated to his own. After all, they did kill him off in a completely unrelated title. So why not?

  2. I don’t know why you’re doing this to yourself. It’ll be a disappointment no matter how you’ll look back at it. I gave up collecting 18 months ago except for Funpop(?) Dec thing and am better for it. Just going to have to tell my kids “In the good ol’ days, Hulk meant something!!”

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